Friday, January 30, 2009

Google Library

I'm trying something new here... I discovered that Google has an online library with all kinds of books available for download. They also have a feature called "My Library" where we can store and share bookd. If you click here you should find our first saved book.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute

Registration for this year's only offering of the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute (AEI) is now open. AEI is being offered as a three day course, March 13, 14, and 15. It is designed to help individual artists connect with resources that can advance their careers. This year, AEI will take place at the Gallery at Trinity Commons in downtown Cleveland.

This installment also marks the first time CPAC is offering a discount for AEI to members of NEO arts and culture organizations and artist service groups. The regular price of AEI is $150. For those who are eligible for the discount, AEI is being offered at a cost of $100.

To help artists decide if this course is right for them, there will be a free information session on Tuesday, February 17 at 1:30 pm in the COSE Conference Room 2041, the Higbee Building; 100 Public Square, Suite 210, Cleveland.

Read more about AEI on

Friday, January 23, 2009

Epiphany Festival of the Arts

Last night was the opening of the 19th annual Festival of the Arts at The Bath Church. It was a lovely event. The church does such a great job of organizing and presenting the work submitted by artists of Summit County. Ccheck the show hours and by all means go see the show!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Upcoming Schedule

2/2 Critique - led by well known local artist, Fred Graff

2/23 Craig Lucas will discuss the elements of abstract art and if there is time will critique a few pieces.

3/2 Miniature paintings - everyone who works in a small format should bring some along to show and discuss.

3/16 Linda Huchenson - "Apples to Oranges" - a mini workshop on using a free-er yin –type way of working, trying to overcome the notion of perfection. Bring watercolor materials, small sheets of watercolor paper, one apple and one orange. If you aren’t a watercolorist bring drawing materials.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Peninsula Art Academy

The Peninsula Art Academy offers Ongoing Workshops and Classes:

Spinning Classes with Cris Welsh - Learn this ancient and relaxing craft. You can learn to make yarn suitable for knitting, crochet, weaving, embroidering - whatever your hobby or passion. Cris Welch will teach you to spin on a spindle or a wheel - your choice. This class is 2 hours, and can be scheduled at your convenience. The fee is $35, or $25 for PAA members. Contact Cris Welch at 330-848-1979,

Winter Weaving Package – receive 15% off all weaving classes when you pay ahead for all 6 weeks. Beginning Weaving with Carol Adams: Weaving 1, on Thursday nights, from 7 to 9:30 pm. Or by arrangement as well! Come and learn how to calculate your warp, dress the loom, and weave a sampler, using many different types of 4-harness weaves. From there, the sky is the limit! The fee per class is $30, or $28 for PAA members. For more information, or to register, contact Carol at 330-657-2681

Winter Weaving Package Рreceive 15% off all weaving classes when you pay ahead for all 6 weeks. Weaving without a loom with Carol Adams, Thursdays, ongoing 7:00 - 9:30 PM, weekly. Select any 6 weeks to complete one course. Learn coiling, twining, macram̩, braiding, card weaving, frame loom weaving, artistic crochet, artistic knitting, sprang, etc. These processes will teach dexterity, pattern, repetition, color, texture, shape, design, and the digital aspects of crossing one thread with one thread. Use fibers supplied and build their own frame loom at a materials fee $15.00. $30.00, $28.00 per session for PAA members - contact Carol at 330-657-2681

Winter Weaving Package – receive 15% off all weaving classes when you pay ahead for all 6 weeks. Fiber Art Instruction on a Floor Loom: As always, we are interested in additional “private” or “group” instruction on various weaving techniques, from beginning to advanced, to fiber enthusiasts in the Northeast Ohio area. Let us know of your needs. Looms are available for set-up in your home at no rental charge, provided that our educational services (set-up and/or instruction) are purchased at our normal rates starting at 15.00 per hour.

Learn to Knit with Mary Anne Davis, Friday afternoons from 1-3pm, for 4 weeks. Let Mary Ann know what dates work best for you? Her phone number is on the registration form. Classes for beginner or advanced. Knitting One: No experience is needed for this class. You’ll learn all the basic stitches and general information including accessories, and come away with a small vest. Knitting Two: If you know all the basic stitches including increases and decreases, learn how to pick a pattern and yarn, how to read a pattern, and make a sweater. Receive 10% off all class related purchases from Stitch, Piece and Purl when you purchase your class supplies. $45 or $40 for PAA members.

Digital Camera Basics with Kurt Shaffer, www Saturdays from 10 am - 12 noon. Please contact the instructor or check for dates Learn the basics of taking great pictures with that digital camera you have just lying around (but not sure how to use effectively). This class will help you better understand the full capabilities of your camera and how to take great photos with it. We will move along at a pace that suits the class. Bring your camera, its instruction manual, note taking supplies and your imagination! register here One-day $55 or $45 for PAA Members.

Workshops and Classes:

Charge your class fees over the phone! View class details and print your registration forms or 330-657-2248, or

Glassblowing with Bob Pozarski – paperweight and beginning glass blowing classes are on Saturday, January 3, 24, and 31, from 10-3:00. Also on Sunday, January 11, 12- 5:00 Visit for additional dates. Dip molten glass from a furnace and shape it into a paperweight. Blow a bubble and shape it into a tumbler or small vase. Glass artist Bob Pozarski will walk you through the steps to beginning glassblowing. Registration required a week in advance. Special dates may be arranged. Beginning classes; 5 hours; limited to four students; $100 each student ($80 PAA members)

NEW! Enameling class beginning the second week in January the 13th NEW lower price! (As we received lots of dishes from a benefactor) Enameling with Carol Adams - An ancient art, is fun, immediate and can be made into many things. Enameling is the melting of colored glass crystals onto metal. Come and explore it! Carol has been enameling since 1968 and as a contemporary artist and teacher, can lead you into the enameling world to explore your ideas. During the 3 weeks, we will make several small dishes and bowls. Meets on Tuesday evenings from 7- 9:30. Let Carol know what dates work for you? Contact Carol at 330-657-2681 or email Any 3-weeks of classes $145, (includes a materials fee of $35 and a class fee of $110) or $130, for PAA members (including a materials fee $35 and a class fee of $95).

NEW! Escape the winter blahs, Painting with Nicki Lanzi, one-day workshop on Saturday, January 17, 2009, from 11am until 3pm. This class is for all levels and all mediums; Nicki will set up a still life to work from. Contact Nicki with any questions, 440-526-1614 or email Bring your painting supplies and your lunch. To see some of the instructor’s paintings visit $45.00, or $40.00 for PAA members. please register one week before class.
Glass Fusing 1 with Marianne Hite, Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 12, Thursday, from 6pm-9pm, meets four times. Fusing is the melting together of different pieces of glass. Visit for additional dates. This class is a beginner’s introduction to glass fusing: the melting together of different pieces of glass that are compatible with each other. Make small dishes and tiles. We will cover glass cutting, compatibility of glasses, and the firing processes. Tools & basic materials supplied. Glass must be purchased from the instructor for $40.00 -$100.00* or more depending on the size of each project. Call to select dates 330-414-0385, email $145 or $135 for PAA members, plus the cost of glass used. Registration Form or 330-657-2248.

Fused Glass Jewelry with Marianne Hite - Mondays, Jan 26th and Feb 2, 6pm-8pm meets twice. for additional dates. Contact Marianne 330-414-0385 to select. Glass fusing is the melting together of different pieces of glass that are compatible with each other. Learn to make hanging pendants and/or earrings. We will cover glass cutting, compatibility of glasses, and briefly touch on the firing process. The glass will be fired overnight, then cold worked the following class, and fired again if needed. $55 or $45 for PAA members. registration form or 330-657-2248.

Glass Fusing One-day Primer with Marianne Hite - 10am -2:30pm on Saturday, Feb 28. Glass fusing is the melting together of different pieces of glass. Saturday, as classes fill. $75 or $70 for PAA Members, plus cost of materials used. Registration required. Learn the basics of glass fusing in a short one-day course to get your feet wet. Contact Marianne 330-414-0385 to select dates. Saturdays, 10am till 2:30pm. Registration Form or or call 330-657-2248.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Drawing Workshop

A big thanks to Sally Heston or her workshop tonight on drawing skills

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Art Show

Akron Woman’s City Club’s Gallery 732

presents the Watercolor and Acrylic paintings of

Deanna R. Clucas beginning January 4 through the end of the month.

Please join us for the Opening Reception Friday, January 9 from 5-7 pm

732 E. Exchange Street, Akron, Ohio

For more information, call Deanna at 330-659-4301