Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Marilyn Hughey Phillis

I try to begin a painting with as few restrictions as possible and let intuition be my guide, as I respond to what is developing on the painting surface.
(Marilyn Hughey Phillis)

This is the demo in progress from last night HSA meeting. We watched as Marilyn applied the acrylics and used different techniques to texturize, shape and control the paint.

The relationships of shape, texture, and color all contribute to the creative action that gradually becomes the expressive concept.
(Marilyn Hughey Phillis)

With this series of paintings Marilyn shows us the anatomy of an abstract. She explaind how each stage was painted and how she built up the colors and forms. In the final panel she used white Gouache to form the negative spaces.

Her book "Watermedia Techniques for Releasing the Creative Spirit" is available on Amazon.

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